Update on Baby William

William has had a full month! Early in August, he had emergency surgery to remove a knot of scar tissue that was partially blocking his airway. Most recently, he came down with a virus that affected his weak respiratory system. After spending a morning in the ER, he was admitted to the Pediatric ICU. He had a few scares as his little body fought off the virus, but he is well on his way to being healthy again. We have decided that it would be best for him to use a ventilator at night for the time being, because his respiratory system is very weak.

We consulted William’s team about the safest way to take William to Seattle, and they all feel that a medical flight is the best option. We are praying that God would allow William to be approved for a Mercy Flight, which would transport him to Seattle Children’s Hospital free of charge. Please pray with us that God would provide this flight in his timing!

Our Move to Seattle

At the end of August, we made the move to Seattle with another couple on our team – John and Emily Bower. We packed both families’ belongings in one 26-foot U-Haul and made the trip from Shelby, NC to Seattle, WA. It was long and tiresome journey, but the Lord filled us with great excitement and expectation about planting a gospel-centered, Bible preaching church in this amazing city. Once we were in Seattle, we were able to unpack and make a few connections with pastors in the area. In order to be most effective in Seattle, we are trying to surround ourselves with those who have ministered in the Pacific Northwest and who have experienced the difficulties of planting a church in areas surrounding Seattle.

Prayer Requests

  1. William’s health and development
  2. More supporting churches
  3. Our church planting team https://citylightseattle.com/meet-the-team/
  4. Effectiveness in reaching Seattleites with the gospel.


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