We are excited to announce that we are planning to move to Seattle, WA in the month of August! Though there is so much to accomplish before we move, we cannot tell you how pumped we are to take this step. Our target launch day (see City Church Seattle ) is ‪March 3, 2019!‬ Here is what we will be doing from August to March 3:

Begin to make disciples

Before a church can be started, disciples must be made. Upon our arrival in Seattle, our goal is to build redemptive relationships and to reach people with the gospel.

Connect with other churches

We praise the Lord for other churches who are loving and reaching Seattle! We are looking to connect with these churches of like faith in order to learn from them as well as partner with them in reaching this city.

Explore the city

We want to spend time exploring the city, celebrating its uniqueness, and discovering what make it tick. We will also be looking for opportunities to serve the people of Seattle and to display God’s love to them.

Finalize a location

When we launch the church in March, we will need a location. If we can pinpoint the location sooner in the process, we can be fully equipped and ready for our first service. We want to create a spirit of excellence from our very first service.

Train our launch team

Clarity builds momentum. Our desire is to thoroughly train our launch team so that we will all be unified and efficient.
We would certainly be thankful for your prayers as we seek to move to Seattle this August. We are also trying gain some additional supporting churches and individuals. If you are interested in supporting our ministry, you can give at http://www.citylightseattle.com/give. If you know of any churches that would be interested in partnering with us, please feel free to connect with Jon Beazley at jbeazley@citylightseattle.com
Jon Beazley

Passionate about Jesus, husband to my gorgeous wife Bethany, father, and pastor, who enjoys power lifting, the great out doors, and a good cup of coffee!

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