My Favorites

  • Baking is a big passion of mine. I love to make desserts, and I’m constantly trying to make or improve recipes so I can make the perfect cookie or cake. Eating them is a bonus too.
  • I love watching professional sports. Basketball is by far my favorite. The Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, and Dallas Stars are my favorite teams.
  • I’m a super nerd/gamer. I love video games! Growing up with two brothers and no sisters really made me get in touch with my inner nerd. My favorites are definitely the Legend of Zelda games.
  • My husband and I love going on little adventures and exploring local coffee shops. Although I’m not a huge coffee drinker, I was a barista for a while, so I can appreciate the art for sure.
  • I love painting and making signs for home décor; calligraphy is my specialty!
  • Dates are my absolute favorite! There’s not many things I enjoy more than spending time with my husband anywhere and anytime we can.

My Story

I was born and raised in a small town in northern California where I attended the same church My whole life. My dad has been the pastor of that church since before I was born, and I consider myself extremely lucky because of everything I’ve learned from him. Growing up in a Christian home, I had the opportunity to hear the Gospel frequently. When I was four years old, I heard a message about salvation, and later that evening I asked my parents to pray with me so I could accept Christ. As I began to understand my faith I became concerned as to whether I had truly become a Christian. I was doing all the “right things.” I was praying daily, reading my Bible daily, going to church every service, and sharing my faith, yet I still felt like something wasn’t right in my heart. I struggled with feelings of doubt and insecurity for several years.

When I was eleven, I was able to attend a summer camp with my best friend. We had a blast, but I remember thinking that I was a little too smart and old for the whole thing. I mean, I knew everything the speakers were talking about, and it seemed like I knew all the answers. One night a pastor got up to the platform and started talking about salvation, and how even if you were raised in the perfect Christian home, that doesn’t mean you’re a Christian. I was dumbfounded. I thought this guy could read my mind. How did he know I was struggling with this? As I watched several others go forward to speak with a counselor, I sat in my seat, too embarrassed to go. I didn’t accept Christ that night, and for weeks I felt sick to my stomach because of the message that I had heard.

After a couple of weeks, I decided that I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to get this settled. I took a teenage girl from our church aside after our evening service, and I confessed to her that I didn’t think I had ever truly become a Christian. She then brought out her Bible and showed me all the verses I had seen hundreds of times before, then she asked me if I was ready to put my trust in Jesus. I was finally ready! We prayed for several minutes together, and on September 11, 2008, I finally became a Christian.

Shortly thereafter, I decided that I would give my life to Christ completely. I had my share of times away from him, of course, but he was always there when I came back. A big turning point in my life and faith was on May 5, 2014, when my best friend, Meagan, unexpectedly passed away. In the beginning of the grieving process, I really started to struggle with why God would allow something like that to happen to a family that serves in ministry. I really struggled with why he let a sixteen year old girl who had surrendered her life to him die. Though I had these doubts, God really started to show me how much he really cared about her family and me. As I started to draw closer to him, I asked him to help me understand why he would let this happen. He began to give me answers through scripture, and my love for Him began to grow stronger. Soon, Heaven was more real to me than ever before. I came to realize that God is certainly good, and he is worth serving with my whole heart and life.

In August of 2013, I met the most incredible man on earth. We started dating just a couple months after meeting, and almost 4 years later, on May 12, 2017, we got married! Ian has taught me so much throughout these years. Together, we’re learning how to be patient, kind, and more like Christ. We’re living the dream, and we are so looking forward to serving Jesus together in the beautiful city of Seattle!

Favorite Verse
Philippians 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice!