My Favorites

  • I’m a nerd for all things in Christendom! History, beliefs, sacred objects, stories. I want to know it all!
  • I love going to the gym and putting some weights up.
  • Board games like Monopoly, Risk, Settlers of Catan. Also, love to get online and play some Modern Warfare.
  • Spending time with my Family is a must every day.
  • My odd favorite thing is that I have a love for Beardology.

My Story

I had the privilege of living in a Christian home with parents that were heavily involved with the church. I made the decision to turn to Christ with my life at the age of 12 at a Bible Camp. During my high school years I was involved with bus ministry, choir, quartets, and preaching. After graduation, I attended 2 different Bible colleges where I met my wife Brittney and also got my Bachelors in Religious Education. I served for 1.5 years as the youth pastor at a Church plant in Simi Valley and then moved to Washington to Serve at a Church relaunch. During my 3.5 years there I served as the Youth Pastor, Worship Leader, and Choir director. It was a very engaging and demanding time that taught me much about relationships, counseling, and leading. I felt in my heart God moving us somewhere else towards the end of 2019. I was not sure what that meant, what God had planned, or where he was leading us, but we began to pray. For our 5 year anniversary, we came up to Seattle to hang out near GreenLake as we loved it there. We knew CityLight had started recently and wanted to visit the church so we came and stopped by. Afterward, we had lunch with Jonathan Beazley, during that time, he asked us if we had ever considered planting a church in Seattle; the question caused the rest of our day to be spent pondering the future. We didn’t know what God was doing but on the drive home, we also received a call from the Pastor we were serving with. During that phone call, he asked us the same question that just a few hours before Jon Beazley had asked. “Have you ever thought about planting a church in Seattle?” That phone call set the rest of things in motion. It was too odd of a coincidence that 2 pastors, who had never met, would ask us the same question at a time in our life that we were looking for the next step in our Journey. 5 months later after much prayer and God showing us plainly that Seattle was our next step, we moved to one of our favorite places, GreenLake and Joined CityLight Church.

Favorite Verse
Psalms 71:18 So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come.