My Favorites

  • I enjoy being outside.
  • Love to go on hikes, camping, and trying to catch fish.
  • I enjoy a variety of sports. Watching football and basketball. Playing basketball is definitely a favorite.
  • I also enjoy watching movies; especially anything Star Wars.

My Story

I moved to Seattle in 2019 with my wife Sara, to be a part of the CityLight team. Growing up, I was in a family where my parents wanted to teach us to love and fear God with our lives. My parents believed that Jesus is the messiah and came to this world to seek and to save those who are lost. Both of my parents wanted to model their relationship with God through Jesus Christ in their personal lives. After hearing and seeing the gospel of Jesus through his word and seeing how he and his father loved us so much to make a way for redemption and restoration. I made the choice to follow Jesus and to ask him to save me from my sin, and to come into my heart and to be my LORD. I placed my faith and trust in Jesus. Making that choice to follow Christ was the most important choice of my life. My family attended Westwood Baptist Church in Poplar Bluff Missouri. My parents were very involved with that church community. A lot of time was spent there as a child. My parents both served in multiple capacities for that community of believers. Being in that church I had a lot of opportunities to hear scriptural teaching and preaching that challenged us as young people to not only follow Jesus but to serve him with our lives too. At around age 15 during a church camp retreat, I felt an impression of the Holy Spirit to surrender to gospel ministry. The choice to move in this direction guided me to a desire to teach the scriptures and to show others God’s love in the story of the Gospel. Because of this decision to pursue full-time gospel ministry I chose to attend a Bible college right after high school. I was able to graduate from college in 2013. After finishing college I started working for a ministry called the Anchor Academy where spent two years working. In 2015 I was approached by the leadership of Westwood Baptist Church and Academy to join their team back in Poplar Bluff Missouri. My wife, Sara, and I served at that church for a few years before feeling a desire to join the team of believers at CityLight. In March of 2019, we announced that we would be moving from Poplar Bluff to Seattle to be a part of the newly established community of Believers at CityLight. Not knowing how this next step was going to happen we started looking for places to work in Seattle. With the opportunities I had at WBC, I believe God opened a door for me to work with the company as a maintenance technician that provides help and affordable housing to Puget Sound. Because of God’s provision, we were able to move to Seattle in July of 2019. When we arrived we started working together with the CityLight community and have enjoyed our journey thus far. We are excited about growing our opportunities to share the love, grace, and mercy God has shown us to others in the area.

Favorite Verse
1 Timothy 1:12 I thank him who has given me strength, Christ Jesus our Lord, because he judged me faithful, appointing me to his service.