My Favorites

  • I’m a family man and enjoy doing anything with my wife and children – whether indoors or out!
  • My wife was previously a Barista and introduced me to proper coffee. I’m a big fan of Honey Latte Breves.
  • I enjoy working out, swimming, sailing, shooting, camping (outdoors).
  • Food… I like trying new restaurants – especially asian cuisine like Japanese Ramen, Thai, and Indian.
  • Dates with my wife… every Thursday 🙂

My Story

My Early Years

I was born in Washington State with a cup of coffee in one hand and an umbrella in the other.

My parents, first generations Christians, became believers around their twenties.

They grew through the ministries of Bill Gothard and a local Assembly of God Church in Seattle.

In my younger years, I remember going to that church with my family.

It had grown quite a bit, so the service was moved from the sanctuary to the gymnasium, which fit around 5,000 people.

It was at one of these services, when I was just five years old, that I remember the Pastor preaching about Hell in the Sunday morning service.

His message struck me… and stuck with me late into the evening.

As my mother was putting me to bed, I started asking questions about Hell while my Mom took time to explain the message, Heaven, and Salvation.

When my mom asked me if I wanted to ask Jesus to come into my heart and save me, I responded with, “Yes.” I wanted to go to heaven – I didn’t want to go to Hell.

While I feel that I was tender towards God in my younger years, I never felt confident as I grew older that my experience with my mother was truly a Salvation moment.

This led to me asking the Lord to be my Savior several times over the years.

As I think about my heart during that time, I do believe that I wanted to be saved and that I wanted to trust Christ as my Savior.

And, perhaps, true Salvation did occur.

Later on, however, there was definitely a pivotal point where I expressly placed my Faith in the real, risen Christ.

My Teens

When I was thirteen, we left our Assembly of God Church because of doctrinal issues and started going to a local community church.

There, I joined the Bible Quiz Team and started to experience a hunger for God’s Word that I had never had before.

Quiz Team was a program where you memorized books of the Bible and had memory competitions with other teams at different churches.

At that time, a gentleman named Bob Jorgensen started leading our church Quiz Team and would preach a message to us every meeting…

And I couldn’t get enough.

It was like listening to words that were full of life for the first time.

I don’t know if the stark difference between his messages and others were because of where I was at as a person, but I do remember that they seemed different.

I loved it…

and I didn’t understand why others would get bored.

To me, he spoke different than any other Pastor or person I had met, aside from my parents.

We ended up finding out that he was bringing messages based on what his Pastor preached – at a local Independent Baptist Church.

Through this relationship, we started attending the church he was from and my life was forever changed.

It was through this church that God’s Word came alive for me and I received discipleship on how to walk with God.

God’s Call

After about a year or two of being involved in preaching, music, and other ministries, it was here that I felt that God wanted me to go into ministry as a pastor.

But, I didn’t realize that things were going to quickly change.

Right about that time, I experienced church division in a way that left me baffled and angry for several years.

The Pastor really encouraged us to listen and emulate another pastor out in Chicago who had a significantly large ministry.

When I found a message at his Pastor’s Conference stating that white people were the God ordained race to bring the Gospel to others because of the KJV Bible, it didn’t sound right to me.

This, some research by myself, my dad, and several other deacons led to a confrontation where the pastor rejected the doctrinal and leadership concerns of the deacons, declaring the Chicago pastor to be the leader of his church as well.

Deeply grieved, we left the church along with several other deacons and families and started attending another local independent Baptist Church.

Only, this one wasn’t KJV only.

At the new church, a lot of the families experienced some healing, but I was still very much reeling inside.

I had been discipled by the pastor whose church we had left.

I was introduced by him to what it meant to have a relationship with God and grow.

So, seeing his response and knowing the leadership and moral issues of the Chicago pastor deeply troubled me – and cast doubt on the rest of what I was taught about God by him.

Looking back, God had a purpose in all of this and I’m thankful for it now.

But, the unravelling process to come to my own beliefs about what was right and wrong and about God and the Bible took several years.

I rebelled.

And I ran from what I still believed to be God’s calling.


God still had a plan, though, and stepped into my path and shook me up.

Coming Back

While lying in my bed I started losing control of my thoughts – which continued in a stream in my mind.

This scared me so much that I went to the Bible in my room and started to read the book of James.

This was God’s shake up.

I realized that if I continued in the direction I was going, life was going to be very difficult because of sin’s consequences.

I continued reading and reading, but still had no comprehension.

It was as if a great cloud was over my mind of spiritual oppression or warfare.

I had certainly opened my life up to it by my actions and decisions over the past several years.

Worried, I started quoting the book of James, one of the books we had memorized in Quiz Team years ago…

and that my Mom had us keep up over the years.

I hadn’t quoted it in years, but it started coming back.

Part way through quoting the first chapter, it felt like the spiritual cloud lifted from my mind.

From there on, I was able to read Scripture with comprehension.

In response, I stopped running and began pursuing the direction the Lord had laid on my heart in my younger years.

So, I made plans to go to Bob Jones University.

My experience there helped me continue unravelling questions from my experience with the church split years before.

I felt settled as I started growing in a faith that was my own.

It was there that I met Jon Beazley. We quickly became friends over some food in the sick ward we were checked in at.

Even back then, over ten years ago now, we would talk together about Seattle and the great need here.


After graduating from Bob Jones University in 2007 with a degree in Bible and a minor in music, I came back to Washington State.

I continued my involvement in multiple churches, helping out on staff with music and preaching and stayed connected with Jon over the years.

Around that time, I also started a business with my brother, which I’ve been involved in for the past 8+ years.

Eventually, I met my wife through someone I met after preaching at a Christian Business Men & Women’s group.

We got married in 2012 and now have four precious children – three beautiful daughters and a wonderful son.

I’m excited to see what God has in store for not only Seattle, but the State of Washington as a whole.


Favorite Verse
Jeremiah 29:11-13 For I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.