My Favorite

  • Sports! I love watching and playing just about any kind of sport.
  • I enjoy cookout with friends and family.
  • I always enjoy spending time with my two kids Jeremiah and Keziah. They are both adorable!
  • At one point in my life, I hated coffee! Now, I’m hooked and spend large amounts of money and time at coffee shops!
  • I enjoy studying God’s word exegetically. I enjoy taking the time to study the small details of the Bible.
  • Outside of ministering to God’s people, I really love to work on trucks. Ministering is my gift but working on vehicles would be considered my talent.

My Story

I had the privilege of being born into a Christian home. Both of my parents love the Lord and desired raised all four of their children to walk in step with the gospel. At the age of 12, I was sitting in a church service listening to a sermon on salvation. In the middle of the message, I was convinced of my need for a personal relationship with Christ that only comes by grace alone. After the service, I went to a youth counselor and shared with him my desire to become a follower of Jesus. I realized that I had claimed the God of my parents but I had never had a personal relationship with Him.
My journey in the faith continued into my teen years; where I began to sense the calling of God on my life to be a preacher of the gospel. It was at 17 that I answered this call after a Sunday evening service. The sermon was on Romans 10 “how shall they hear without a preacher.” Everything changed from that point on in my life.
The next year, I enrolled in Bible College where God used those years to help equip me for ministry. After my undergrad work, I helped lead a youth group for a year while starting my seminary work to sharpen my understanding of Scripture. During that year, I received a phone call from a church looking for a Pastor and through the guidance of my Pastor, My family answered the call and we spent the next 4 years serving at a church in South Carolina.
During that time, I finished my Master’s degree as well as my Doctorate degree. It was also during that time, God began to burden my heart about the need for proper Apologetics and proper Hermeneutics in the evangelical circles. God also began to press on my heart about the need for helping church planters. It was then, God began to call Jonathan and Bethany Beazley who have been long time friends since college to plant a church in Seattle. I immediately took interest in their ministry. Meanwhile, Jon and I were pastoring together and I took another church in South Carolina where we served along side each other for a year.
God finalized their call to Seattle. Meanwhile, God spent the next year teaching me to be a better family man, minister and Bible student. Jon and I began to meet regularly and talk about the need for proper Apologetics and our desire to be involved. I told Jon at the beginning of 2018 that I would commit to the Apologetics ministry of Citylight. Our goal is to provide clear answers for the Christian faith that both equips believers and engages our culture for the glory of God.


Favorite Verse
Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.